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Friday, July 06, 2007

Yesterday (in the style of JonnyB)

I go to the cinema!

And so to the flicks to see 'Golden Door' (my verdict: really rather good*). The poster outside forewarns us that the film 'Contains natural nudity'. Well, thank heavens, because there's nothing we dislike more than fake nudity.

I make a dental appointment!

Earlier in the day I double check the time the receptionist gave me: 2.30pm. Tooth-hurty. Yep, life imitating art. Well, when I say 'art', I mean a very poor, barely snigger-worthy joke with just the mildest of racist undertones.

* Jonathon Woss: you have nothing to fear - this is about as informative as any film review of mine gets, bar 'hey yeah! I really liked it!'


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