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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Concentrating on the important issues of the day

It's comforting to know that those hard-working hacks in London are making the most of their weekly press briefing with the PM's spokesperson:

Asked if the Prime Minister was in his constituency whilst in Scotland, the PMS confirmed that he was working from his constituency office.

Asked if the Prime Minister was now on holiday, the PMS replied that it was the first time that the Prime Minister had visited his constituency since he became Prime Minister. There was therefore a lot of business to do, and traditionally, the Prime Minister had often used his constituency office as an alternative location from where to do Government business from.

Asked if the Prime Minister would have a meeting with Alex Salmond whilst he was in Scotland, the PMS said that she was not aware of any such plans, but added that the he had attended a Raith Rovers football match at the weekend.

Asked if the Prime Minister would be resuming his holiday, the PMS replied that the Prime Minister was up in Scotland for a few days, but that would be dependent on issues on the ground.

Asked had the Prime Minister arrived in Scotland and when was the last time that he was there, the PMS said that he had arrived on Friday, and this was the first visit to his constituency since he had become Prime Minister.

Asked if the Prime Minister was intending to have another holiday, the PMS replied that as people knew, he had had a family holiday in Dorset planned, but it was disrupted.

Asked again if the Prime Minister was intending to take another holiday, the PMS replied that at the moment the Prime Minister was working up in Scotland.

Asked if the Prime Minister thought that it was important for people to take holidays with their families, and did he feel that he should lead by example, the PMS replied that he did think that it was important. He had had a holiday planned, but it was disrupted, and he felt that the most important thing for him was to come back and oversee the Foot and Mouth outbreak.

Put by a journalist that Scotland was not a holiday, and it was not going to become a holiday, the (Scottish) Lobby Chair interrupted him and said that when people went to Scotland, it was always a holiday!

Is it me or do these people need stuff repeating before it sinks in?


  • At August 20, 2007 2:21 pm, Blogger GreatSheElephant said…

    well, I imagine that the intention was to wear the PMS down until he started weeping and admitted that the PM was on his way to visit Cliff Richard in the Caribbean

  • At September 10, 2007 10:06 pm, Blogger Mr Farty said…

    I went to Scotland for my holidays and it was great! Wall-to-wall sunshine, lots to see and do, historic architecture and that...
    Ok, I admit it, our Borders holiday was cancelled at the last minute, so we stayed home in Embra. But it was still great.


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